Should I Be Concerned?

Many parents are not sure what is expected of their child at various ages. Exactly when should he be talking and how much should he say? Here is a quick list of common speech and language concerns which warrant a speech and language evaluation.

A speech and language evaluation is recommended if:

– My child has no words at 16 months of age
– My one year old has never babbled
– My two year old is not adding new words to his vocabulary
– I cannot understand my three year old’s speech
– My child has a history of gross motor delays and is not yet talking
– My child used to say “mama”and “dada” but then he stopped
– My two year old cannot answer “what’s that?”
– My child never responds when I call his name
– My child only plays with the same two toys everyday.
– My child’s teacher is concerned he’s not understanding directions in the classroom.
– My 7 year old still can’t say “r” correctly
– The dentist said my child has a tongue thrust.
– My child’s preschool teacher can’t understand him.