Both of our sons have been diagnosed with speech apraxia. For two years we saw multiple speech therapists with our oldest son and saw minimal results. When we first found Maureen he was already 3 1/2, but could only speak about 20 words and had just learned to say his name. After six months of sessions with Maureen his vocabulary increased dramatically, and within a year he was talking in sentences. I just wish we had found Maureen sooner! Her understanding of his sensory processing disorder and occupational therapy needs was extremely helpful, and helped him to reach his goals sooner.
We have been clients of Maureen for almost 4 years now. She was able to help our younger son starting when he was only 18 months old. By the time he was 3 1/2 he was speaking at age level. Maureen truly cares about each child, and creates a plan for them to achieve their speech goals. She has helped both of our sons become nonstop talkers!… We can’t thank her enough.

— Cynthia
Maureen has provided invaluable speech therapy to our child for the past 4 years. Our child has multiple issues including a receptive/expressive language disorder, auditory processing problems, and sensory integration issues. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and connects easily with young children. I highly recommend Maureen if you are looking for a speech-language pathologist for your child.
— Kevin and Lisa
Maureen has been treating our son for speech and language over the past three years. We cannot express how fantastic our experience has been. Maureen is an exceptional speech therapist who truly understands how to create an effective treatment plan tailored to the needs of her clients. When our son first met with Maureen he was barely able to say 50 words and this week he entered kindergarten on time with peers his same age. Our son’s language has grown above all of our expectations and we truly feel it is a reflection of the exceptional treatment he’s received from Maureen.
— Adam
“Maureen has been working with my 2 year old son since October 2007 and my 4 year old daughter since June 2008. Both of my children have made incredible gains in their speech since becoming clients. Before starting speech with Maureen, they were misdiagnosed and receiving therapy that was not benefiting them. Maureen was able to correctly diagnose them both as having Childhood Apraxia of Speech, and begin treating them with appropriate therapy. Maureen is exceptional with children and just as good with parents. She is a wealth of knowledge and information. Maureen has given us an incredible amount of hope in our children’s futures.”
— Loretta E.